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September 29 - October 6, 2011

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(c) 2011 Dennis Mammana/    All rights reserved.

This photo of an unusual spiral-shaped aurora was shot from a hillside about 1,400 feet above Chena Hot Springs Resort northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. To reach the summit one needs to take the "Snow Cat"―an odd looking tractor-like vehicle that could navigate the snowy landscape up to the top.  It was a bone jarring ride of about 22 minutes; I think all the fillings in my teeth rattled loose!  But once at the top, there was a comfortable warming yurt and some magnificent scenery―AND a wonderfully clear and starry sky.  And then the northern lights began... and what a spectacular show it was!  For more than an hour this beautiful display danced magically across the sky and lit the entire region with its other-worldly light.

   Date/Time:   March 22, 2011 / 10:18 p.m. AST
   Photo Details:   Nikon D700, AF-S Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8G ED lens at 24mm, ISO 2000, 5 sec. at f/3.2
   Processing Details:   CaptureOne 5.2.3, Nik Dfine 2.1, Photoshop CS2
   Location:   Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA 


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(c) Dennis L. Mammana.  All rights reserved.