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Astronomy Picture of the Day, 13th Edition CD, March 2009, EC-2009-1-021-GSFC,  NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, (photo of annular solar eclipse)

NZ Palm & Cycad, Quarterly Magazine of the Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand, Issue 111, Autumn 09, ISSN 0113 8480, page 9 ("Annular Eclipse: Ring of Fire"

San Diego East County Magazine, Thursday, February 26, 2009;  interview & photos

The SandPaper magazine, Early Spring 2009, Vol. XXXVII, Issue 3, Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, page 5 ("Moon Skewered by Mammoth")

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  January 25, 2009,  "Annular Eclipse:  Ring of Fire"

Spaceweather website, January 23, 2009, page 1, 1992 Annular Solar Eclipse from San Diego, CA

Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe, 2009 Edition, 
pages 58-59 ("Denali Lights"), page 82 ("Comet McNaught over Easter Island"), 

2009 HealthierYou calendar, NASA Office of the Chief Health and Medical Office



Spaceweather website, November 30, 2008, page 1, Moon, Venus & Jupiter from Borrego Springs, CA
Spaceweather website,  October 4, 2008, page 1, zodiacal Light from Borrego Springs, CA

KGTV Weathercast with Loren Nancarrow,  zodiacal light photo from October 3, 2008

Desert Connection:  Anza Borrego Institute Programs & Events, Fall 2008;  "Desert Nights, Desert Lights"

Digital Photographer Magazine,  Issue 73, September 2008;  Interview (pp 35-39) and images;  page 37 ("Aurora over Moonlit Mountains"), page 37 ("Lunar Corona"), page 38 (Southern Hemisphere Stars"), page 38 ("Star Trails Over Coachwhip Canyon"), page 39 ("Moon Over Luxor")

Westways Magazine
of the Southern California Automobile Association, Vol. 100, No. 6,  September 2008, "Star Time", page 20 (Star Trails Over Coachwhip Canyon),  page 21 ("Desert Nights, Desert Lights")

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  August 21, 2009 (total solar eclipse over Novosibirsk Reservoir in Siberia)

Borrego Sun, Borrego Springs, CA,  July 24, 2008, Vol. 57, No. 15,  page 9 (Palm Canyon Drive streetlights before and after conversion)

Dimensions Magazine
of the U.S. Postal Service,  Vol. 9, No. 6,  June 2008, "Starry Starry Night", cover ("Desert Nights, Desert Lights"), page 7 (Borrego Springs Post Office at night)

Lens Paper, Newsletter of the (San Diego) North County Photographic Society, June 2008;  page 1 ("Starry Splendor" and "Nature's Canvas")

Borrego Sun, Borrego Springs, CA,  May 15, 2008, Vol. 57, No. 10, cover ("Starry Splendor"), page 17 (Dark-sky friendly XL Gas Station), page 21 (Dark-sky friendly Borrego Badlands Skate Park)

Knight Science Journalism Tracker "San Diego Union-Tribune: The Int’l Dark Sky Association gets some converts, out in the desert"
, May 2, 2008; ("Star Trails Over Coachwhip Canyon")

San Diego Union-Tribune, May 1, 2008, page A-2, ("Star Trails over Coachwhip Canyon");  Quest section, pages E-1,3,  "Dark Skies, Bright Future";  ("Desert Nights, Northern Lights", "Star Trails Over Coachwhip Canyon")

Sky & Telescope Magazine,  "Earth & Sky United", Vol. 115, No. 5,  May 2008, pages 84-85 ("Denali Lights")

Spaceweather website,  March 7, 2008, page 1, Zodiacal Light from Borrego Springs, CA

Borrego Sun, Borrego Springs, CA,  March 6, 2008, Vol. 57, No. 5, page 21, "Once in a red moon" ;  Total lunar eclipse of February 20, 2008

Joshua Tree Guide, Joshua Tree National Park, Spring 2008, "A Park Full of Stars", page 3  ("Home Star City")



Spaceweather website,  November 19, 2007, Comet Holmes, Page 19, Comet Holmes from Borrego Springs, CA

Borrego Sun, Borrego Springs, CA,  November 15, 2007, Vol. 56, No. 23, page 33, "Brilliant Comet 17P/Holmes explodes in northern sky";  Comet Holmes

Borrego Sun
, Borrego Springs, CA,  September 6, 2007, Vol. 56, No. 18, page 1, "Eclipse 101" ;  total lunar eclipse sequence from August 28

Spaceweather website,  September 1, 2007, Aurigid meteor, Page 1, Aurigid meteor from Borrego Springs, CA

Spaceweather website,  August 28, 2007, Total Lunar Eclipse, Page 2, Total lunar eclipse from Borrego Springs, CA

Desert Update, Quarterly publication of the Anza-Borrego Foundation & Institute, Summer, 2007, No. 55,  pp. 4-5

The Moon
, by Michael Carlowicz, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York,  pages 34, 40, 45, 61, 96, 101, 109, 134, 138;  ISBN-10-8109-9307-4

Towers magazine, Otterbein College, Winter 2007, Vol. 80, Number 1,  pp. 14-21;  "Cascade", "Daughters of the Dawn", "Skyfire", "Clouds at Dawn", "Home Star City", "Great Comet of '96", "A Spire to the Stars", "Mother of all Thunderheads".

Understanding the Universe:  An Introduction to Astronomy, DVD Set, 2nd Edition, 2007;  The Teaching Company;  ISBN 1-59803-274-7;  Comet Halley & Saguaro Cacti photo

Spaceweather website,  January 26, 2007, Comet McNaught Page 18, Comet McNaught from Easter Island

magazine, February/March 2007, Vol. 21, No. 1, page 40,  "Eclipse Picnic"

Easton Express-Times,  Easton, PA,  January 11, 2007, Today section, pages D1-2, "Sky Watch 2007";  "Basking in Earth's Sunsets" photo

Borrego Sun,  Borrego Springs, CA,  January 11, 2007, Vol. 56, No. 1, page 1, "A Star Among Us" about photo exhibition reception; "Home Star City" photo



Expat Travels:  From Switzerland to Canada,  Sunday, December 31, 2006, "Martian Analemma"

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  December 30, 2006,  "Martian Analemma"

Idyllwild Life Magazine, November/December 2006, "Dennis Mammana Interview:  Astronomer with an Artist's Eye", Cover, pages 5/28 (moon photo, aurora photos)

Spaceweather website,  November 9, 2006, Transit Gallery Page 3, Transit of Mercury across the sun

The SandPaper magazine, Fall 2006, Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, page 2 ("Home Star City")

Night Sky
, "First Steps in Sky Photography", September/October 2006, page 46 (Stars over Mungo NP), page 48 (moon & Venus over Star of India, moon & Venus over San Diego), page 49 (Alaskan moonrise), page 50 (star trails, lunar halo), page 51 (planets at dawn)

2006 Annual Report of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, page 17 (annular solar eclipse over Tunisia)

Borrego Sun, Borrego Springs, CA, July 13, 2006,  Vol. 55, No. 14, page 13 (photo of summer solstice celebration in Borrego Springs)

The Sun, by Steele Hill and Michael Carlowicz, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York,  pages 46-7, 98, 103, 120-1, 225, inside cover;  ISBN-0-8109-5522-9

Spaceweather website,  June 11, 2006, Mercury over Joshua Tree National Park

Spaceweather website,  May 29, 2006, Earthshine

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, 2006 Edition magazine, "Enchanting Desert Nights", pages 10, 11, wraparound cover (desert rainbow panorama), inside cover (Venus & Jupiter at dawn), page 10, (desert moonrise, comet over rock formation), page 11 (desert aurora)

2006 Fine Art Print Exhibit of the North American Nature  Photography Association, American Mountaineering Center Gallery, Golden, Colorado;  3rd place in the Mountains category



Sky & Telescope Magazine,  "April’s Unique Solar Eclipse", Vol. 110, No. 3,  September 2005, page 88 (total solar eclipse & Venus over MV Paul Gauguin)

2005 Weather Calendar", Accord Publishing Ltd., Inc., Denver, CO,  October 31-November 6, 2005, "Northern Lights Go South";  ISBN-1-57939-193-1

Spaceweather website,  November 1, 2005, "Fading Spaceship" from Borrego Springs, CA

2005 Calendar, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, page: July 2005

Wiedza i Życie, Prószyński Media, "Kiedy niebo Zapłonie" (When the Sky Ignites), July 2005, pages 64-5  ("Electric Sky")

San Diego Magazine, July 2005, page 235 (desert Milky Way)

Spaceweather website,  May 15, 2005, Aurora Borealis from Borrego Springs, CA website, April 2005,  Total Solar Eclipse from the M/S Paul Gauguin

Spaceweather website,  April 18, 2005, Total Solar Eclipse from the M/S Paul Gauguin.

Breaching Boundaries through Partnership: 2004 Annual Report of the Wildlife Health Center, University of California at Davis, page 7 (desert aurora)

Sky & Sea, God’s Creation Series, Book 2, by Michael & Caroline Carroll, Zonderkidz, Grand Rapids, Michigan, page 12 (halo around sun), page 16 (aurora,  ISBN-0-310-70579-7



Spaceweather website, December 24, 2004, Mars, Venus, the moon,  

Spaceweather website, December 22, 2004, Winter solstice panorama,

Spaceweather website,  December 14, 2004 Geminid Meteor Shower Gallery website, November 2004,  Aurora Borealis from Borrego Springs, CA

Spaceweather website, November 7, 2004, Aurora Borealis from Borrego Springs, CA

website, November 6, 2004, Jupiter and Venus at dawn, 

Spaceweather website, October 27, 2004 Total Lunar Eclipse Gallery,

Night Sky Magazine, September/October 2004, Vol. 1, No. 3,  page 44, (lunar eclipse through tree branches),  page 47  (photo of people watching a lunar eclipse)

Space Archive website,  September 9, 2004, (Aurora Borealis from Borrego Springs, CA)

Spaceweather website,  August 20, 2004, (Thunderhead over Borrego Springs, CA)

Earth Science Picture of the Day website,  September 22, 2004,  (Thunderhead over Borrego Springs, CA)

WeerFoto website,  August 21, 2004,   (Thunderhead over Borrego Springs, CA)

Borrego Sun, August 12, 2004,  Vol. 53, No. 17, page 15 (photo of auroral display over Borrego Springs) website,  July 27, 2004, Aurora Borealis from Borrego Springs, CA

Astronomy Picture of the Day, 8th Edition CD, March 2004, EC-2003-12-012-GSFC,  NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, (photo of annular solar eclipse)



"Aurora" music CD, by Paul Titcombe, cover photo ("SkyFire")

The Universe: 365 Days, by Robert J. Nemiroff and Jerry T. Bonnell, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York,  (sunset annular solar eclipse)

Spaceweather website,  October 27, 2003, (Firestorm in San Diego sky)

Spaceweather website,  August 18, 2003, (Auroral display from Mt. Laguna)

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  June 26, 2003,  "Mars Analemma"

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  May 30, 2003,  "Annular Eclipse:  The Ring of Fire"

Spaceweather website,   May 16, 2003, Partial Lunar Eclipse Gallery; (Family watching total lunar eclipse)

Sky & Telescope website,  May 16, 2003, (Family watching total lunar eclipse)

Spaceweather website,  March 20, 2003, (Moondog over Fairbanks)

Natur und Wissenschaft of the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, April 2, 2003, Number 78, page 1

Spaceweather website,  January 13, 2003, (Colorful cloud from Vandenberg launch)



Knudepunktet: for dansk amatørastronomi,  November 2002, page 5 (Leonid fireball)

Mercury Magazine,  Vol. 31, No. 4,  July-August 2002, page 8 (Iceland corona)

Astronomy Magazine,  Vol. 30 No. 3,  March 2002, page 102 (Leonid fireball)

Mercury Magazine,  Vol. 31, No. 1,  January-February 2002, page 5 (Africa total solar eclipse)

Spaceweather website,  June 10, 2002, Partial Solar Eclipse Gallery

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  June 10, 2002,  "Annular Eclipse:  The Ring of Fire"

Spaceweather website,   May 2002 Planet Gallery

Astronomy Picture of the Day website,  April 22, 2002,  "Comet and Aurora Over Alaska"

Spaceweather website,    April  2002 Planet Gallery

Spaceweather website,  March-April 2002 Comet Ikeya-Zhang Photo Gallery

Science@NASA website,   "Relax, It’s Only April:  Five Planets Converge in the West,  April 24, 2002

Science@NASA website,  "Earthshine",  April 12, 2002

Erdansichten 2.0 "Eine Reise Zum Blauen Planeten" image CD,  DLR/Astrium /Infoterra, Polarlichter (02.02), (aurora panorama from Denali National Park)

Astronomy Magazine,  Vol 30 No. 3,  March 2002  (Pg 102  Leonid fireball)

Mercury Magazine,  Vol. 31, No. 1,  January-February 2002  (Page 5 Africa Solar Eclipse)



Reuben H. Fleet Science Center Programs,  Winter 2001/Spring 2002,  Volume 11  Page 7 ("Canis Major over Snowy Trees")

Spaceweather website, November 30, 2001, (Leonid fireball)

Spaceweather website,  November 5-6, 2001 Aurora Gallery 

Spaceweather website,  October 28, 2001 Aurora Gallery

Spaceweather website,  July-August 2001 Morning Planets Photo Gallery  

Mercury Magazine,  Vol. 30, No. 4,  July-August 2001, Page 5, "December Annular Solar Eclipse Cruise", photo (annular solar eclipse)

"Racing the Moon’s Shadow", Fleet Center News, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, August 15, 2001,  page 2 (African total solar eclipse)



Science Scope,  Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, December 2000, Vol. 10 No. 12, page 7 ("Wheel of Night"

Gothic Records,  "The Light of the Stars" music CD,  by Randall Thompson, Catalogue No. G49226, cover photo ("Island Universes")

,  Logo on website,  "Ring of Fire",

Universe 2000,  Astronomical Society of the Pacific flier for 112th Annual Meeting,  cover photo (Ring of Fire")



San Diego Union-Tribune,  November 21, 1999 , page F-14  ("Wheel of Night)

San Diego Reader,  September 16, 1999,  Vol. 28, No 37;   (Front cover "Shooting the Comet",  page 54 "Three Lovely Ladies",  page 56 "Night on the Town")



Understanding the Universe:  An Introduction to Astronomy,  Part II:  The Solar System,  by Alex Filippenko, The Teaching Company, Springfield, VA,  "Return of the Comet"

Astronomy Magazine,  "The Sky Show", Vol. 26 No. 4,  April 1998, page 64,  ("Celestial Trio") – wrong credit line and reversed

Astronomy Magazine,  "The Sky Show", Vol. 26 No. 3,  March 1998, page 70 ("Waiting for Hale-Bopp")

Casino Journal, Casino Executive and Intergame, Jan & Feb. 1998;  Aristocrat Incorporated  "Dreamtime Ad" (star photo)



Stargaze: Eclipse ‘98, MWT Associates, Vol. V, August 1997, page 1 (photo)

UCLA Alumnews
,  "A Trip to Eclipse All Others", Summer 1997, Vol. 9 No. 5,  page 20  ("Totality!")

Sky & Telescope Magazine,  "Dueling Comets", Vol. 94 No. 1,  July 1997, page 54 ("Great Comet of  ‘96")

San Diego Union-Tribune,
  San Diego, CA,  TV Guide (June 29-July 5), page 19 (photo in "San Diego Night Sky" ad)

Science Scope,  "Bringing the Stars Down to Earth", Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, June 1997, Vol. 7 No. 6, page 1 ("Visitor from Afar",  "Comet at Joshua Tree")

On Air Magazine, "Out of this World", KPBS, San Diego State University, Vol. 28, Issue 6, April 1997, cover ("Wheel of Night"), page 16 ("Double Sunset"), page 17 ("Flight of Endeavour"), page 18 ("Return of the Comet")

Science Scope,  Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, April 1997, Vol. 7 No. 4, page 5, ("Ring of Fire")

Sky & Telescope Magazine,  "Bringing Comet Hale-Bopp Home", Vol. 93 No. 3,  March 1997, page 44 (Comet Hyakutake)

Science Scope,  "Capturing the Sky… for our Walls", "Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, March 1997, Vol. 7 No. 3, page 3 ( "Wheel of Night")

Amateur Scientists’ Bulletin,  "Hale-Bopp: A Photo Op!", Vol. 4 No. 2, front cover, pages 3 ("Great Comet of ‘96"),  page 4 ("Return of the Comet" and three others of Comet Hyakutake)

A Blueprint for the 21st Century:  1997 Annual Report of the San Diego Space & Science Foundaion,  San Diego, CA, page. 5 ("Wheel of Night")

"The Sky is the Limit,"  San Diego Family Magazine,  June 1997,  p15, photo (Comet Halel-Bopp at Joshua Tree N.M.)



Astronomy Magazine,  Vol. 24 No. 12,  December 1996, "Of Shooting Stars and Faint Fuzzies,"  page 120 ( "Great Comet of 1996")

Truth Seeker,  Vol. 123, No 1,  1996, front cover ("Totality!")

Circumstellar Habitable Zones:  Proceedings of the First International Conference,  Travis House Publications, Menlo Park, CA, 1996;  ISBN 0-9650896-0-6, front cover photo ("Return of the Comet")

San Diego Union-Tribune,  March 23, 1996, page 1 (Comet Hyakutake)



"The Solar System",  Saunders Astronomy Videodisk Library, Vol. 1;  Saunders College Publishing;  12 photos in 1992 Annular Eclipse sequence

Astronomy Magazine,  Vol 23 No. 4,  April 1995, page 111 ( the moon, Jupiter & Venus over IB Pier)

Science21,  Premier Issue,  Spring 1995, page 3, photo (annular solar eclipse sequence over Hermosillo)

 "Shoot the Sun!",  Amateur Scientists’ Bulletin,  Winter 1995, Vol. 2 No. 1,  pages 1, 12 (annular and total solar eclipse photos)



"Eclipse Expedition to South America Rewarded With a Display That Will Be Tough to Eclipse,"  Mt. Laguna Observatory Associates Newsletter, Autumn, 1994, page 5 (totality and diamond ring photos)



The New Book of Popular Science:  1993 Annual,  Grolier, Inc.,  ISBN 0-7172-1525-3;   "Eclipse!", page 21 (sunset annular solar eclipse)



"Star Trails:  The Story of the VLA" slide show,  National Radio Astronomy Observatory;  "Return of the Comet"

"Halley’s Comet Revealed", Astronomical Society of the Pacific slide set AS 296, "Return of the Comet",  ASP #17

Ciel et Espace "Le Soleil S’Éclipse Juste Avant de se Coucher,"  May 1992, Page 73,  two photos (partial solar eclipse at sunset)

Los Angeles Times,  "Sunset of a Lifetime", January 2, 1992, page B-1 (photo-illustration of sunset annular solar eclipse)

MCA Records,  "Double Eclipse",  cover photo of annular solar eclipse



"Starry, Starry Night,"  Times-Advocate,  San Diego North County,  March 1, 1991,  p. C-1  ("Return of the Comet")

"The Only Sunset You Ever Need to See,"  San Diego Reader,   November 27, 1991,   Section 2, p. 1  (photo-illustration of sunset annular solar eclipse)

"Exotic Sunset Promised by Solar Eclipse,"  San Diego Union,  December 4, 1991,  p. B-1  (photo-illustration of sunset annular solar eclipse)

"Saturday Eclipse:  A Ring of Fire,"  San Diego Union,  December 30, 1991,  p. B-1  (photo-illustration of sunset annular solar eclipse)

The Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky,  Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1991, ISBN 0-679-40852-5;  Plate 168 ("Canis Major"),  Plate 196 ("Orion"),  Plate 414 ("Comet Halley")

Universe, Third Edition, William J. Kaufmann, III,  W.H. Freeman & Co, New York, 1991;   ISBN 0-7167-2094-9;   (Figure 1-1, page 2,  "Return of the Comet")



SDSU College of Extended Studies Bulletin,  Spring 1989  (Cover "Wheel of Night"

Science for All Americans,  American Association for the Advancement of Science,  Washington, D.C., 1989  (Cover "Return of the Comet")



Wonders of the Universe 1987 Calendar,  Hansen Planetarium  (September 1987  "Return of the Comet)



The New Book of Popular Science:  1986 Annual,  Grolier, Inc.,  "The Incredible Spinning Oven"   (page 33, molten mirror blank)



Sky & Telescope, "The Incredible Spinning Oven," July 1985  (page 7 Spinning Oven, page 8 Molten Mirror Blank)



Rainbow Magazine,  Spring 1983, pages 12-13 (Saturn over Flandrau Planetarium instrument)



Christmas Star,  Tucson (AZ) Citizen,  November 26, 1981

The Grand Tour:  A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System,  Workman Publishing, New York, 1981  (photos of Ludek Pesek and Ron Miller space art)



Space ArtStarlog Magazine, New York, 1978  (photos of Ludek Pesek and Ron Miller space art)



Rocky Mount, NC newspaper, Autumn 1973  (Comet Kohoutek)



Easton (PA) Express,  July 11, 1972  (partial solar eclipse sequence)

Easton (PA) Express,  July 27, 1972  (partial lunar eclipse sequence)



Easton Express,  Easton, PA,  April 13, 1968,  Page 5,  "EAHS Junior Photographs Lunar Show from Express Rooftop"  (lunar eclipse photo sequence)






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